A safe toy supporting
children’s development

Tuki blocks were made of soft, skin-friendly EVA foam.
Not having any sharp edges, they are suitable
and completely safe for children over the age of 3.

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and meticulous design

Our blocks are not overpowering and they will not dominate
the interior thanks to their simple, geometrical shapes
as well as delicate pastel colours.

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A novel approach
to entertainment

We believe that simple solutions are the best. That is why we are offering your child blocks that can be used in a simple and, above all, safe way to create a dream house, castle, fortress or a ship.

Light, safe and waterproof magnetic Tuki blocks mean fun that you can have at home, in a garden or a pool. Combine your own blocks set or rent as many parts as you need in order to organize an unforgettable birthday or theme party for your beloved child.

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Offer for individual clients and business

Our blocks are a wonderful tool for studying and developing creativity of adults. Therefore, our blocks are often possessed by event agencies, training companies and HR branches. Tuki is a perfect tool used as a stress releaser during breaks in chill rooms. That is why you can see our blocks in various corporations.


Offer for
individual clients

For individual clients Tuki blocks are available in ready-made sets. However, if you want, you can arrange your own individualized set by choosing from a wide range of available colours and shapes the ones you prefer the most. You can make your set even larger by purchasing additional parts at any time.



This offer regards orders of sets with more than 100 pieces. The number, colour and shapes are suited to the needs of our client. Tuki blocks provide children with long-lasting entertainment in games rooms, kindergartens, fun centres and playrooms in numerous institutions.

About us

We are grown-ups who vividly remember how it was to be a child. – when even a simple table or another piece of furniture in the living room could be used to build a castle and a bedcover taken from parents’ bed was changed into a superhero cape. We know well that the best time for children is when their creativity is not limited.

With that in mind we designed Tuki – big, spatial and safe blocks which your children can use to build everything they can think of.

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